These tools allow you to transfer images and data from actual locations directly to CAD workspaces. They will assist you in this.

Google Earth and the CAD Enhancing Project Administration

Project managers generally have tools that revit are geared toward planning, running, and executing projects. Computer-aided-design software, along with knowledge of the topology and geography of the construction site is important for planning construction projects. It should be obvious that CAD will be used for creating the necessary drafts to execute the construction project. But even the most sophisticated CAD apps can have their limitations.

Google Earth Integration in Your CAD Presentations

The real estate, landscaping and architectural industries all use presentations in a large amount. They can be used to raise money, market products or services, or distribute information. The most effective presentations employ precise figures, facts and real-world examples to convey the message to the viewers. Anyone who’s sold building plans/ideas or attended a time-share presentation knows how important it is for presentations to illustrate an actual implementation in order to avoid confusion.

Google Earth integration is another excellent option. It allows you to upload images from specific places as well as their coordinates into the inventorCAD application which gives your presentation an extra touch of authenticity. This will allow you to take your viewers to the spot you want to highlight. This will make it easier to highlight the benefits of the property or area you wish to highlight.

Animations: Adding perspective

Google Earth can be used by animators to create photo-realistic renderings from real-life locations. It is easy to incorporate Google Earth into your modeling software (Maya, SolidWorks, etc. ). Once you have completed this, you are able to take images at a selected area and then upload the photos into your personal computer.

Google Earth, CAD and Architectural Projects

This bidding process is unique in that it’s not like other. Understanding the topography and geography of your area will help in drafting your RFP.


The world is getting more connected. Having the right tools will give you an advantage over your competitors. Integrating Google Earth into your CAD projects will keep you competitive in today’s highly competitive marketplace.